Why volunteer

CrimeStoppers Brant-Brantford cares about our community, we together can make beneficial changes to improve our community and make it a safer place for all to live within. Together with and for our volunteers, we’re dedicated to ensuring positive change within our community and it’s at the forefront of our mission. Whether you’re looking to develop your skillsets and attributes, help make your community a better place or meet new people, there are many reasons to volunteer for CrimeStoppers.

Be a champion in your community

Volunteering with Crimestoppers helps to give a voice to people who may not feel that they can speak out in the community. You can help be their voice and make the change that they need.

You don’t need to give much make an impact

Whether you’ve got the ability to dedicate a few hours a month or a few hours a week we’ve got a role for you within our team. Whatever you do as a Crimestoppers volunteer you’ll be making a valuable impact to improve the community that matters to you.

You’ll meet new people from different backgrounds

Crimestoppers Brant-Brantford is here for everyone in the community. We have volunteers of all age ranges, interests and backgrounds. The one thing that all these people have in common is that they’ve committed themselves to make our community a safer place.

It’s great for your resume and networking

From administrative and people management skills to planning and coordinating events, you could learn skills and build an experience that will help you if you’re looking for a job. Having volunteer experience on your resume tells an employer that you like to help others and work well in a team.

Who’s a Board Member?

A Board Member is a representative of the Community of the highest caliber and character who, once a member assists with the management of the Corporation without remuneration.

What does the Board of Directors do?

The Board of Directors serves as the legal authority for the Corporation and as such, acts in a position of trust. Members are elected to plan the organization’s present and future direction, as well as manage and direct its affairs and provide continuity for those affairs. Accepting the role means assuming collective responsibility for its assets, liabilities, income and expenses, carrying out its policies and for evaluating those policies from time to time. Most importantly, the Board of Directors ensures there are sufficient funds to carry out its functions.

Why do we need to know the role?

Many Board Members serve for months before they really understand what they are supposed to do. This confusion can waste valuable time for both the new Board Members and for existing members who must carry an extra load until the new member is familiar with their role. It is even possible that the new member could unknowingly make a public faux pas that could have been avoided.