The Brantford Police are seeking information in regards to the many thefts of Catalytic Converters being stolen from Vehicles at an alarming rate. The ones responsible are active both day and night choosing any vehicle regardless of its age, type or where it is parked. This type of  theft has cost area residents thousands of dollars in vehicle repairs.

The converters are being stolen and then sold as scrap metal.  It is believed that they are using some type of battery operated hand tool to complete these thefts. These tools would make loud metal cutting sounds however it only takes minutes to complete .

If you are a victim of this type of theft or any other theft where you do not have a suspect, Please report it On-Line @ Brantford Police . ca

If you know someone that may be involved in these thefts or any other Crime, Call the Brantford Police on the Non- Emergency line @ 519-756-7050 or to stay anonymous call Crime Stoppers @ 519- 750-8477