Brantford Police are wanting the public to know that there has been an increase in vehicle thefts in and around Brantford and Brant County. All vehicles can be stolen however the current targeted vehicle has been mostly the FORD line of pickup trucks, including the F150,F250,F350 and the Raptor series

Ford Pick ups of any size and year are being stolen at an alarming rate and even brand new vehicles are being stolen with in minutes by thieves using new computer technologies.

Police are suggesting that using a steering wheel locking device may aid in not being a target however even these have no guarantee .

If able , park in a driveway and block with a second vehicle. Have exterior cameras on your home and motion sensor lighting .

It has also been noted that for newer vehicles, keep your key fob in a thick leather pouch and if possible away from main entrances as there are new devices that reprogram your FOB to a blank which then allows them to enter your vehicle.

As always with any vehicle , lock the doors and do not leave anything of value in the vehicle, including your wallet or purse or any identification.

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